Parts List (BOM) Upload Beta

Our innovative tool lets you find multiple parts in one go, simply by uploading a list of parts and adding them to your basket.

Parts List / BOM Tool Beta

Upload your Parts List / Bill of Materials and get instant search results in 3 easy steps.You can save, email, export or purchase the items from search results easily.

Upload your Parts List / Bill of Materials

Flexible input and item matching

Use our order codes, manufacturer part numbers or keywords as inputs, and the tool will display all available matches immediately.

Easy addition to shopping basket

From the results, you can add items to your shopping basket and complete your purchase easily. Alternatively, you can name and save the parts list for access and modification at a later date. You can also export or email the list to your colleagues.

Refine results

If your results do not have an exact match, you can search for similar items and add to your Bill of Materials with just a click.

Get maximum results from our new BOM tool beta

BOM Upload

Watch our tutorial to learn how to get the very most out of our new BOM upload toolbeta:

  • Step by step tutorial takes you through every feature.
  • Learn how to maximize the accuracy of your results to save valuable time.