Customise how you see the filter tool with our Toggle Switch

From customer feedback, we have built this handy new switch that gives you the option to view the filter tool either on the left of the page, or at the top – So you can decide how you want the page to work for you.

Also, the website will remember your choice – so the page will automatically show your preferred layout, and it is now optimised for larger monitors.

Plus, in the top view you can double the number of attributes shown by simply clicking on the arrows to expand the box.

Filter Tool


To the filter tool and how to use it

To make it easier to choose a selection of options when filtering your search results, we have now developed a number of short cuts.

When using the filter tool, if you want to select a range of attributes to filter by, you can press the shift key on your keyboard, and use your mouse to select all the attributes important to you.

Alternatively, you can also use the Control (Ctrl) button to do the same, or simply click and drag to select the range using your mouse. This way you can select a series of attributes to filter by, instead of just one.


To search results table

When you search for a product on our website, you will be familiar with the layout shown.

To improve this experience for you, we have made a selection of small changes that will help speed up your ordering process.

  • More products are now visible on first look.
  • You can also add multiple products from this view to your cart in one go using the checkboxes, then clicking "add selected".
  • You will also see that availability and price is easier to view – we have made more price breaks visible at this stage of your ordering process.
Search Table


Availability and Despatch

When ordering products you will receive accurate and current information regarding the date of despatch of your product, you will know exactly what day it is leaving our warehouse and if there are any delays.

The update also provides information on supplier lead-times so you will know when your backordered products are expected to arrive. On the product page you will see the Availability box which will advise you when you can expect to receive your order.


Order Consolidation

You will now be able to choose to consolidate your order or if you wish to consolidate by products.

Depending on availability, you can choose a date for all your products to be sent to you or have them arrive separately. Our customers have different requests and some products are more urgent than others, the choice is yours!

The order consolidation options are at the Order Information page.

Type ahead


Search Improvements

Type-ahead improvements

The new type-ahead category display shows the high level-search function and parent category for a more user friendly experience and also improves readability. You can now find what you are searching for with improved ease.

Improved Search Results

Find what you are looking for with our new improved search results function, ensuring all of our customers receive the best search experience.

  • Helps you find what you are searching for quicker
  • Minimizes irrelevant results
  • Only returns exact matches to part number
  • Better part number and alternative searches
Improved Results
Improved Results


Product Alternatives

If you’re looking for a specific product that we may not stock or is obsolete, we’ll try and match it with the next best alternative available. You’ll see a notification appear on the product page to let you know the product you’re viewing is a suggested alternative for what you initially searched for.


View All Products

Whenever you select a product category, all product results are now listed instantly.

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Search Filter

Search for any type of product, then select a filter. We’ll immediately show you how many products are available.


Filter Tool

Refine your search and find exactly what you need with our new filter tool. It gives you access to every filter available, all in one place.

Search Filter
Filter Tool


Rate and Review

Tell us what you think!

Whilst logged in, you can rate and review a product by clicking on the stars icon within any product page.



Optimised mobile site

Our mobile site has been optimised and re-designed for touch-screen Smartphones, improving reliability, performance and experience for our customers. All the key functionality is there to browse, search and purchase from our extensive catalogue of technology products and solutions.

As well as updating the site for Smartphones, customers using tablets get an enhanced experience too, with reduced need to pinch and zoom, touch screen friendly link spacing and larger text, icons, & input buttons.

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Product Information

We understand how important product information can be when it comes to making a purchasing decision. That’s why we have really focused on this area and made the following improvements on thousands of products:


Our product titles are now packed with extra detail to make it even easier for you to find the right products


Full Features and Benefits included across 1000s of products to help you choose the product that suits you


For even more product information, simply click on the 'More details' link


Extended information, including warnings, contents and applications, are now available directly on the product detail page


To access the full series of products included in this family, simply click on the 'Product Range' link

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Enhanced Product Information